Monday, June 16, 2014

A Great Weekend and A New Beginning

Hello Everyone, how was your Monday?? Mine was pretty craptastic until the end of today, Monday's are always hard on me.  I miss my daughter, I dont want to work, it's really just no fun at all.  And lately, Ive been using this poor attitude as an excuse to eat badly and skip workouts...well that's just no way to set yourself up for a successful week, so today - I stopped the cycle. 

But, before we get to all that, let's talk about this weekend :) Saturday I had a tennis match, and oh my goodness, I played my heart out - I lost the first set, won the second set and lost in a tie-breaker 9 to 11.  SO FRUSTRATING!! Plus, it took 2 and a half hours to about disappointing...then we had to shop for our neighbors' little girl's birthday party, and then spent the rest of the day hanging out outside, very fun day!  Then on Father's Day, Daddy got breakfast in bed, then a trip to Lowe's and Home Depot, and then I grilled steaks for him :) It was great :)

But, admittedly - the weekends are my most difficult weight loss times.  For today's Motivation Monday link up with Ms. Wendy from A Daily Dose of Del Signore, her question was how do you stay on track on the weekends...well - sometimes I do and sometimes I dont, but what I do try is to stay active on the weekends by either playing tennis or running, both of which are happening this coming weekend - I have a 5K on Saturday and a tennis match on Sunday!

Next up, I am linking up with Ms. Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for:

 My Monday is Marvelous because today, I took back my fitness.  I joined a CrossFit gym today and I havent felt this excited about fitness and exercise in a very long time.  I love learning new things, and I love the comraderie of the gym, I guess I should be calling it a box?  I am such a nerd ;)  Anyways, I cant wait to see where this new life is going to take me :) All I know is that's going to be incredibly difficult to sit down!

And finally, my Monday is super Maaaaaahvelous Daaahhhling because I get to look at this very dreamy pirate :) Seriously yall, I cannot get enough of this show...Im so into it.  Im on Episode 13 and there are four more until my neighbor and I are going to have a wine night and watch the rest of the season.  

It is truly one of my favorite shows of all time - if you like to read and love action and romance, this is the show for you!

Ok folks, Ill see yall on Wednesday!


  1. I agree, weekends are so hard to stay on track! Thanks for joining our Motivation Monday linkup :)

  2. Bummer about your tennis match. But, on the plus side, you were out there killing a workout. :)

  3. How'd you do at the 5K? We were supposed to run the 5K today but we got back in town last night and were too tired this morning :-(


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