Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Motivation Monday!

Hello Everyone, Happy Motivation Monday :) How was your weekend, mine was marvelous :)  Im joining in with two lovely ladies today, the first one is Ms. Wendy from A Daily Dose of Del Signore for Motivation Monday.  Today she talked about her passion for zumba, and asked what our passion is...well this past weekend, my daughter and I ran a 5K:
 - It was a complete disaster.  We were running late and did not have our bibs yet.  As we were pinning them on, the runners started going by outside, oye.  So, I shrugged it off - no big deal, we could still run even if we were not at the we get ready and go - baby girl is in the stroller, Mama pushing her...I should have known it was a disaster when first the my little pony falls out of the stroller, then her jacket, then her drawing...and I was so flustered that I accidentally took the one mile walking loop.  So, .7 miles go by and I am nearing the end of the course - I stopped to ask a volunteer and she told me that I was on the one mile loop...I was so mad - and for a hot minute good ole fat Taylor whispered in my ear to just finish the race and be done...but nope, I told her to pipe down and I turned the corner and made another loop - I ended up making four of those loops to make it to 3 miles.  My goal was to run 3.1 but baby girl had had enough of the boring loops.  It was slow and hard...but I did it, and I didnt running is my passion.  I cant wait to wake up and run again tomorrow.

Finally, I want to link up with Ms. Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for:
The rest of my weekend was Marvelous :) baby girl and I went to a book festival a few towns over.  It was so fun and such a great experience to expose her to.  She learned who authors were and began to understand that they bring gifts in the form of books :) There were books for sale by the local public library and of course I wanted to buy a million of them, but I bargained with baby girl that she was able to choose 3 and I could choose 3 - all for $5.00 - what a bargain :) It was a great day!

As for fitness and healthy eating, I prepped a bit tonight - just some turkey tenderloin for lunches and some spice pumpkin muffins for breakfasts.  When those are gone, and they will be gone quick - seriously husband and baby girl approved - I am going to make protein bars...Ive got the itch to have healthy eats readily food prep.  Food prepping has been the answer to my problems with food in the past and I am eager to get back into the habit again.  As for working out - if weather permits, I am planning on running early in the AM with baby girl - if not, I will go tomorrow night - I plan on doing some you tube videos Wednesday and Friday mornings and running again on Thursday and Saturday.  I am looking forward to getting some more fitness in my life.  It makes me a happier person, bottom line.  So, working out is what I will do.
Ok that's it, Ill see you all on Wednesday :)


  1. I keep meaning to add running into my workouts but I keep chickening out! I think you've motivated me to try :)

    Thanks for linking up to our Motivation Monday link up today.


  2. Wonder what your horoscope was for that day! Glad you didn't stop!!


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