Monday, February 3, 2014

Mondays are for the Birds

Hello Everyone, how is your Monday going so far?  Mine is OK - I have a few things to do today that are quite important, but I think Im going to do them this afternoon :) Procrastination Station!  I loved the half time show last night - it was incredible - and my favorite part were the soldiers that were featured, really made me tear up - most of them were from the 101st - which was the division my husband used to be a part of before we moved to Maryland, so it hit home!  I also teared up watching the 2014 Chevy Super Bowl Commercial
 - This commercial really hit home because I lost my Dad to colon cancer in 2010.  This commercial ended by saying that tomorrow is World Cancer Day, 4 February 2014.  World Cancer Day's goal this year is to raise awareness about cancer and debunking the myths surrounding cancer.  You read more about it HERE.  My Father waited 3 years to get a colonoscopy and perhaps if he had done the procedure at 50, they might have caught the cancer earlier.  Playing the what if game is dangerous, this I know, but my point is - be aware of the procedures that can find cancer earlier, familiarize yourself with what ages the procedures are supposed to take place.  Educate yourself.  Ok, my PSA for the day is over :) 
This picture was taken when I was 8 months pregnant with Baby Girl, September-ish of 2009.  He was gone by August 2010 and I miss him so much, sometimes it still takes my breath away.

Ok, moving on - today is Monday, so I am going to link up with my normal Monday girls - first up is Ms. Wendy from A Daily Dose of Del Signore for:
Daily Dose of Del Signore
The subject this week is Healthy Snacks:
- Keeping healthy snacks in the house is a key component for weight loss success.  Here are some of my favorites:
- Fruit Popsicles
- Raisins
- Apples and PB
- Snap Pea Crisps
- Cottage Cheese
- Veggies
- Sometimes I like to mix spices into cottage cheese for a healthy dip idea

And my other link up today is with Ms. Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for:

- This Monday is Marvelous because:
- I completed all my workouts last week that I signed up for on my IG for #MY30Days - I want to complete all the runs for Hal Higdon's Novice 5K program.
- Ive meal planned for this coming week and heading to Costco in a bit
- I joined Ms. Darci's Diet Bet this morning - I swore them off after failing so bad last fall, but I am motivated and excited for this one
- I am going to attempt to run 6 miles tomorrow for my Dad.  He would have turned 60 this August.  Even if I have to walk, the mileage will be met.

- Ok, that's all I have for today :)  See you all tomorrow!!


  1. I love the "Marvelous in My Monday" idea. Monday can be a bummer sometimes, so it's a great idea to remind yourself of the good things in your day! And I hope your run in honor of your dad goes wonderful. That is really cool!

  2. Aww.. so sorry about your dad. The soldier part made me tear up too. Such an amazing thing that people risk their lives to keep us safe. Please thank you husband. Have a great day Tay!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story and you're right, sometimes early detection is key and I too have lost family members to cancer.

    Hugs :)

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your father, I can;t even imagine what that would be like. :( My dad urges his friends to get checked and because of that one of his friends caught cancer early.

    I dig snap pea crisps too! And in my cottage cheese I'll sometimes mix in cocoa powder and truvia or a small teaspoon of Smuckers Simply fruit jam. I also like to snack on nuts and string cheese. Good luck on your dietbet, I just finished up 3 (max amount you can play at once) and surpassed the weight loss needed. yay! Have a good week!

  5. So sorry about your dad. :(

    On a different note, have you ever tried dipping your apples in PB fruit dip? It's non-fat vanilla yogurt, honey, PB, and some cinnamon. SO GOOD.

  6. *correction, non-fat vanilla GREEK yogurt


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