Monday, November 16, 2015

This Past Weekend

This past weekend I celebrated my Baby Girl's birthday! I am My Little Pony'd out, but hopefully she had a great time! It was a bit stressful - there were 14 kids and about 5 parents that stayed. It was a gorgeous day and today, she said everyone kept talking about it!

This morning, I failed to wake up early enough to work out - I am so over choosing sleep over exercise - but I plan on running tomorrow morning. The rest of this week will be spent getting my house back to normal and working on my final projects for school - I think I narrowed down one of my final projects tonight - woot woot! 

Hope You Have a Great Week!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dipping My Toe Back in the Water

This Week, I am Saying SO WHAT with Ms. Shannon:

 - If it has been a gazillion years since I wrote a post

 - If it has been equally as long since I have lost any LB's

 - If these two facts are about to change

 - If I am thinking about doing one more semester of Grad School because they are finally offering a Russian Revolution class after three years...and a Public Historian Admin class... **NERD ALERT**

 - If Baby Girl turns 6 in 8 days and I dont have a party planned yet, Mom Fail

 - If School/My husband getting out/Working/Momming/Wifing makes me want to ignore life and play Candy Crush/Watch Scandal with lots of adult beverages....sigh

 - If Im going through this gawdddd awful phase where I am planning on waking up to run and then sleeping through my alarm...I need to suck it up buttercup

 - If, OMG, watching the new trailer for the new Julia Roberts movie...Um, no - I love her to pieces, she's my favorite actress of all time, but no... - Im a Daughter-Mama, just no.

- Ok, Ill see yall later :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday :) Im dropping by today to share my minuscule progress :)

Im linking up with Ms. Winter from No Drama Little Mama for:

Starting Weight: 210 lbs
Weight Last Week: 173.8
Weight This Week: 172.2
- 1.6 from last week
-38 pounds overall

Slow slow slow progress, but I'll take it :) Im having some serious stress going on in my life right now, like debilitating want to bury my head in the sand kind of stress, so Im hoping I dont eat my feelings and keep listening to my loud strong voice, and not my inner fat girl voice :/

I inadvertently took a day off from working out today, what between getting Baby Girl off to school and making phone calls...I ran out of time, but I cant wait until tomorrow and Im going to attempt a two mile run :)

I did do a modified workout yesterday at home, I didnt have time for the gym, so I made due with my own furniture....stairs for step ups and what not :)

This Saturday Im planning on doing another food prep, Im planning out each item meticulously because the last effort I made was not quite successful :(

In other news, taking deep breaths...hopefully life will find balance's funny...right when I think I have everything planned out, life comes in and hurricanes right through your plans...oye...

Alright see yall later :)

Monday, June 15, 2015

A long hot weekend...

Hello Everyone, how has your Monday been going so far? Man, I always feel better once this awful day is over with :) I do not like Mondays - they are just a reminder that you have to work, your baby has to go to school, your husband's off to work and it's depressing :/ But, now that it's over with, well almost over with - this week can get on with it :) We are heading to a minor league baseball game on Friday and Im super excited - something great to look forward to!

This past weekend was great - I spent a lot of quality time with my daughter, which was perfect!

She graduated from Pre-Kindergarden, and it was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen!

After her adorable graduation, we went to get Baby Girl's very first pedicure, it was super fun :)

She chose sparkly gold, and I kind of loved it so much - I might choose it next time!! 

For dinner I made a delicious sausage/potato yum!

It was a nice weekend, lots of laundry, lots of reading and snuggling with Baby Girl :) I was supposed to go for a run with a new running group I'm trying to join, but alas, I slept through my alarm on Saturday morning, hopefully Ill make it this weekend!

 I did get in a run this morning on the treadmill, and holy guacamole, even in a gym it was miserable...this humidity is going to be my end!! Fingers crossed I just get used to it!! 

OK, I'll see y'all later :)

Linking up with Briana from B Loved Boston for Weekending
Linking up with Katie from Healthy Diva Eats For Marvelous in My Mondays

Monday, June 8, 2015

Fun Busy Weekend

Hello Everyone, how was your weekend? How is your Monday going? My weekend was super busy - my husband's rugby game wasn't rained out - it was a nice summer day, not too hot which was nice.

Then, after that we had friends over for a birthday party - as a last minute idea, I made tuna burgers for everyone, which turned out so delicious!! And, for a bonus I had leftover mix, which I made
into muffins for some food prep on Sunday - they were so good, I plan on incorporating them into the food prep rotation :) Once I perfect the recipe, I'll share it with you all!

The yummy tuna burger muffins!

I also prepped some cookies and cream protein bars. They also need some more work, way too dense - not sure what needs to be changed, but they're still edible and Ill try again next week :/

The so/so protein muffins...womp...

While I was cooking, Baby Girl had a tea party with friends...lemon juice and Kraft single optional!
Yummy ;)

Finally, once I finished my food prep and dinner, I finished one book and started another, I love summer break :)

I just started this one yesterday and Im already half way through, it's so good, I cant wait to explore THIS author some more!! It's rarely boring, and keeps you guessing, so so so good!

THIS author is one that I just discovered, and I love her too - Ive already read four of her books! This one was the first one I read and OMG, so delicious and good and makes me think about bread completely differently!

So, it was a weekend full of rugby, friends, cooking, laundry, cleaning, laughing, and lots of reading :) The only way to do it right :) Alright, I'll see you all later!

Linking up with Briana from B Loved Boston for Weekending
Linking up with Katie from Healthy Diva Eats For Marvelous in My Mondays

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five On Friday!!

Hello Everyone, Happy Friday :) Today was a training day for me, so hopefully that means early dismissal!! We have nothing going on tonight, but my husband has his last rugby game tomorrow, so fingers crossed the rain holds out!!
Today, Im joining in Ms. April's
 #1: Sparkling Water - A MUST for hot summer days (although this morning was in the '50s!)
#2: My new favorite snack, a protein muffin sprinkled over greek yogurt with honey and frozen pineapples - yumm!

#3: Spending some quality time with Baby Girl

#4: Getting in a run at this location - quite flat and hopefully abandoned on a Saturday morning :)

#5: I love this cooking spray, hopefully using it to prep some delicious food on Sunday!

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

Hello Everyone, Happy Wednesday :) Im dropping by today to share a bit about where my journey is right now and where I want it to go! Im linking up with Ms. Winter from No Drama Little Mama for:

Pretty Strong Medicine
Starting Weight: 210 lbs
Current Weight: 173
-37 pounds

Whelp, for the year and a half Ive lived here, I was lost and unhappy and put on 20 pounds. Ive recently gotten my head back into the game, hence the reason why Im participating in this again :)

Im working out consistently again, albeit not running as much as I'd like - it's been raining and disgusting here, and I refuse to run on the treadmill anymore! I am strength training and bike riding and loving it!!

As for food, Im tracking and investigating what the deal is with all these macros. I cant go back to weighing everything and making sure every morsel in my mouth is the perfect gram it's supposed to be, but I am paying attention to fats, carbs, and protein that I am ingesting. Im paying attention to this with the free version of My Fitness Pal - um, there's a reason I dont do WW - it's expensive, and there's no way Im paying to MFP either - so that means I have to deal with the percentages instead of the gram counting, which is actually a blessing in disguise! I tend to get obsessive and dont want to go there (again!). So, with a healthy mix of fats, carbs, and protein - I plan on getting this train back on track. It's all about balance for me, which is the story of my life! Oye!

Here is what I had to eat today (that I remembered to take a picture of - ha):

 Trader Joe's Blueberry Waffle pre-workout - always have needed something light on my tummy before working out

 Post-workout Greek yogurt mixed with frozen pineapple, honey, and one of my homemade pumpkin protein muffins - yum!! Favorite breakfast ever!

Missing picture is lunch - pinto bean patty on one sliced of 10 grain soft TJ bread and mustard, which I scarfed down in between meetings at work, then mid-afternoon I had 2/3 of a cup of 2% cottage cheese and an apple

 Then for dinner I had Italian chicken and a big salad

So, that's today - I also had some cereal and Popsicle post-dinner, pre-bedtime :)

Alright, have a great rest of your day and I'll t