Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesdays!

Fitness Quick Catch Up:

Hello Everyone, Happy Weight Loss Wednesday!! How is your week going so far?  Mine has been alright - I missed a work out on Monday due to the kid room being closed, I ran yesterday, and then cleaned my house tonight for my work out - dusting, vacuuming, and folding laundry, all for 2 hours - I will totally count that as a workout :) I run again tomorrow, so Im slowly getting on track. 

Moving is so Hard:

Man, moving really messes with your whole routine.  This move has been tough on me, not because of weight loss...that part I am maintaining, thankfully - but the whole life-turned-upside-down thing...finding a new routine, then trying to figure out how to fit in a work out...all while being lonely and having no friends yet...all while trying to make sure your daughter is adjusting well and keeping the house/husband clean and happy...oye - it's exhausting and I am so gets easier right?  I am hopefully joining a tennis league where I hope to make some friends, but between working/schooling/mommying/and wifing - it's so hard to find time for Taylor Time...but I am trying to make the most of it!

Race Recap:

This past weekend, the family ran it's first race!!  We ran a 5.7K - roughly 3.5 miles for The Brigance Brigade, which is an organization that supports ALS.  It was so much fun and for a wonderful cause. 

I ran the whole thing, and was super proud and pumped afterwards.  It was a really tough course - huge hills that almost squashed my motivation, but I kept going :) The husband pushed Baby Girl in a stroller and it was super brutal on him!  He pushed her until we hit the 3 mile mark, and then we let her out to run - and let me tell you something, hold my daughter's hand while she is squealing with delight was the best feeling in the entire world.  After we went through the finish line, she kept saying "Mama, I cant believe I won" I mean - what a sweet angel baby girl :) Melt my heart :) Fingers crossed we sparked a little running fire in her little 4 year old body :) Our time was around 39 minutes, definitely super slow for my husband and I - but with the hills and the stroller, I could really care less, it was fun and I challenged myself to run the whole thing, and I did :) Next up is a 5K on the 28th of April, bring it on baby - #operationredbikini!! In case anyone needs reminding, my #operationredbikini challenge is to run 7 5Ks this year and hit under the 30 minute mark - which I know I can do and cant wait to PR that babay!!

What I Ate Wednesday:

Today I am linking up with Ms. Jenn from Peas and Crayons for:
Today, my breakfast/lunch looked like this:
Now, if you cant tell - it's not very "clean" - so, true confessions?  I am so tired of eating prepped food, over it and I threw out so much food last week - my fault really, I forgot to factor in that hubby was having mouth surgery, but this week - I took a step back and thought about calories and taste...and decided on sandwiches and bubbly water as my two top contenders for lunch...calories are still being counted, but Im taking a step back from the obsessiveness that is food prep/clean eating right now...I'll probably be back next week, but for today, I am A-Ok with winging it :) Plus, holy guacamole - ham/hummus/yellow mustard sandwich...YES PLEASE :) So delish!!  I know, I know - it's not clean, it's processed, yada yada yada, but man - sometimes, I dont have the time and energy to prep perfect clean food - this week, it's taking a back seat to the other kajillion things that I have to do...but Sunday - it's back on :)  And the best part - I know myself well enough at this point to tell Fat Taylor to pipe down and No, I will not stop at Taco Bell, no matter how badly she whines...finally finding my strong healthy voice really is amazing :)  So, just because I do not have food prepped is not the end of the world - when husband is back in commission, it will be turkey muffins and clean turkey taco meat for the win :)

Before and After:

One more picture before I sign off :) This is one I havent posted anywhere yet :) Fresh picture off the press...
The bottom two pictures were February last year, 2013 and the top pictures were last night post-run....seeing these pics make me more motivated and I cant wait to see what this spring/summer brings...I think I am getting my bearings and I am ready to step up my game :)

Ok folks, see you later :)  Have a great night!

Friday, April 4, 2014

5 on Friday!

 Welp, that was a bit of a break from blogging - I swear I will get my act together one day :) Life is ok - it's taking me a bit longer to get used to Maryland than I anticipated...making a new life is super tough - at this age when everyone is already established and so I am a bit lonely.  Im so tired from working that I am having a hard time fitting in working out - which I know will help out my down in the dumps mood, but it's hard fitting it all in - and tonight I have to write a paper for Im going to link up with Ms. Darci from the Good Life Blog for:
1) Weight
It's gone no where, oye, but at least it's not going up :)

2) Race
Im running a 5K tomorrow morning and Im hoping it sparks my race love again - Im in the middle of trying to sign up for the race series where I live, but Im having technical difficulties and will have to wait until Monday to officially register, woo hoo!
3) Online ordering
We are totally ordering in tonight - my husband is under the weather and I have a paper - and I love how  you dont even need to talk to anyone to order excited - fingers crossed it's yummy!
4) Husband Going on Business Trips
It means I get to sleep with my Baby Girl and that always makes me happy!  Whenever Daddy is gone, we sleep together and we always sleep so fantastically!!  Ill miss him, but at least snuggling up with my baby will make it better!
5) My new US Weekly
There is something so great about getting off of work on a Friday and picking up a brand new gossip mag from your mail box - makes my Friday even better :) Now, if I can get these papers written so I can actually enjoy reading my mags :)

Ok that's all I have for you today!  See you all next week!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Motivation Monday :)

Hello Everyone, Happy Motivation Monday!!  This is going to be short and sweet - I am not feeling that wonderful and need to go to sleep, but wanted to say hello real quick first!! We had a great weekend, Baby Girl went to her very first big girl birthday party and had so much fun!! It was 70 degrees on Saturday and now, it's going to snow tomorrow - yeah, so that is probably why I am feeling yuck, I just hope I start feeling better soon!!  Today, I am going to link up with Ms. Tiffany from The Fit Train for:
The subject today is what inspires you...there are a few things that inspire me and make me want to keep trying...the fit social media world that I have encountered is one of them, my husband and daughter are one of them, and myself is the final one - I love knowing that I have support from these women that I do not know in real life - it is the best support system in the world, in my opinion.  I also love watching my daughter try to lift weights with me, telling me that she loves brussel sprouts, and going for an afternoon run with her Daddy while Mama works on a school is what keeps me going!!  That plus the fact that I am learning to listen to myself more and more every day!!
 The second link up today is with Ms. Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for:
Today, my Monday is Marvelous new NORA ROBERTS book shipped - SHE is my very favorite author and I am on spring break this week - so this book could not come at a more perfect time:
SO EXCITED :) Ok, folks that's all I have for today :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday!!

Hello Everyone, how is your week treating you??  Mine has been entirely too long and I cannot wait for this weekend - I was up until 1:30 last night writing a paper, only to wake up at 6:30 for work, shoot me now...oye - my eyes are sleepy!  But it's Friday, and that means - link up time!!  Today I am linking up with Ms. Darci from The Good Life Blog for:

This week, my 5 are:

1)  Working Out
- This week I managed to workout 4/5 days - and considering Monday was another Blizzard, I'll take it :) I even came up with a plan - if I bring my workout clothes to work with me - then there is no way I can justify not working out when I get home, even if it's for a quick arm work out :) Winning!!  I woke up and left to go to the gym on Tues and Thurs while my family slept, and it was tough, but the feeling afterwards - amazing!!

2)  Blistex Lip Vibrance
- This lip protectant is so amazing, I love it - it's pretty enough to wear as a gloss, but moisturizes my lips, I love it!!  Plus, it has a mirror on the end and SPF 15 - it was a great find at CVS :)

3)  Packing My Lunches
- I try to pack my lunches for work to lessen the temptation of fast food or spending money, it works and I found myself bringing too little food - so I upped the amount and gave myself more options, it worked and I still stayed within my calories!

4)  Going to see the NCAA Girls' Basketball Game on Sunday!!
- I love living in an area that has so much going on - we are going to see University of Maryland play the Army this weekend in the first round of the NCAA girl's basketball tournament, so excited!!

5)  The Local Library
- I had to pick up a book last night from the local Public Library and I brought Baby Girl with me, and they were so nice - they couldnt find my book that was on hold and the librarian ended up finding the two books I really needed, I love great customer service - plus their children's section is so great, I cant wait to take Baby Girl back with me again :)

Ok, that's all I have, have a great weekend!!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Hello Everyone, how is your Monday going so far?? Mine has been alright, I guess...I woke up to 5 inches of snow and still had to work, so getting there was interesting for this southern girl - I mean, I went to college in Colorado - so once you learn to drive on ice, you always know - thank goodness...but it's still stressful!! Luckily, I wasn't alone in the office the whole day and my boss came in too - so all was productive and busy, even if it was a snowy Monday :) Perhaps this snow wouldn't have been so cringe-inducing if it hadn't been such a warm spring-like Saturday!! We played outside and grilled steaks and it was so much fun, and then mother nature decided to change her mind...ugh!! But, I will try to focus on the good and link up with Ms. Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for:
- My Monday is Marvelous this week because:
My husband was able to stay home today for a "snow" day - yes the one good thing about being a soldier is working for the government and they shut down if someone sneezes - anyways - he made us dinner tonight, so right when we got home, dinner was all ready to go - a yummy Irish crock pot for St. Patrick's Day :) What a sweetie!!   Other than that - I woke up late this morning, I was sleeping so deliciously good that I almost did not even care that I missed my work - I was supposed to do it tonight - and nope, I put on my matching jammies and didn't look back...SO tomorrow morning starts my 5:00 AM club - I always feel like people think if they missed a Monday then they will start again next week - this has been a cycle that I have fallen into many times.  SO, tomorrow morning I am going to head to the gym while my family sleeps and run, run, and run :) I kind of cant wait :) So, my Monday is marvelous because I didn't have to think about fixing dinner after a long day at work, and I get to run tomorrow :)  OK folks, Ill see you tomorrow!!

Friday, March 14, 2014


Hello everyone! How is your Friday going so far? I've been absent for two weeks from these interwebs, and if I still have any readers, please stay! I hope to blog a bit more often, now that things are settling down. So, some developments have occurred since the last time we talked... I got a job! I love it so far and today wraps up my first two weeks! I also was accepted as an ambassador for FitFluential! I'm so excited to begin that journey! I've been waiting to hear since October, so I'm so happy to hear the great news! I am also participating in the second annual #operationredbikini challenge that Ms. Noel is throwing :) The challenge can be whatever fitness challenge you want and serves as motivation to help with your goals. Last year I won the challenge, so this year I hope to kick some serious bootie :) My personal goal is to run 8 5ks this year. The first one is on April 5 and I cant wait to get started. In fitness/weight-loss news, I am trying to find the balance between working, mommying and schooling and plan to start a new routine on Monday. Wish me luck! Alright, I'll talk to you all on Monday, have a great weekend!

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Lovely Surprise and a Great Run!

Hello Everyone, how is your week going so far?  I apologize for falling off the grid again, and will most likely continue only blogging when I can, looking for a job and keeping up with my graduate school studies is quite time consuming, so I may or may not post...sorry!  So, this past weekend, my husband came home and surprised me!! He was away for training for two weeks and was supposed to be gone a third, but came home early instead!! Talk about a great surprise!! It really was amazing because I had a huge assignment due on Saturday night and he was able to help out entertaining our daughter while I could work :) Team work at its finest!

For my first link up, I am linking up with Ms. Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for:
This Monday, my Monday is Marvelous because we had such a fun day yesterday.  We went to the zoo and played tourist in DC, it was super fun :) I already posted these pics on Instagram, but here they are again:
On our way :)

Some of the animals we saw!  It was a very amazing zoo, ran by the Smithsonian and all the animals we saw were on the endangered list.  It is also a walking zoo, so I got some cardio in!

Then we went and saw the Washington Monument and walked around the Mall.  That is Baby Girl running in front of the Monument, I want to frame it - such a cool shot!

We walked through the World War II Memorial, and the top right picture brought tears to my eyes, the huge assignment I turned in on Saturday for my Masters was a description of what could potentially be my Thesis and without boring you all, it has to do with women and war, specifically women and this was incredibly emotional for me.

We had a wonderful day and I am so lucky to live so near all that DC has to offer!!

Next up, I am linking with Ms. Wendy from The Daily Dose of Del Signore for:
Daily Dose of Del Signore
The subject of this weeks link up is Weight Training.  Now, I am a runner - I love to run, and am working on getting my 5K time in under 30 was super cold this morning, so I took my run inside and ran my fastest 2.5 miles to date!! So exciting :) Felt really great too :)

But, I know that in order to be the best runner I can be, I am going to need to put in some weight training at the gym.  I am at a complete loss with how to even start this, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I use dumbbells to do some arms and lunges, and that's about how far I go.  My husband is trying to beef up, so hopefully he can help me in this area :)

Ok folks, that's about it - have a great Monday!!